Gadgetrix Automatic Drink Beverage Dispenser

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Gadgetrix Automatic Drink Beverage Dispenser

The automatic dispenser needs to install 2 "AA" batteries for power supply (not included). There is a battery-powered motor on its head, you only need to gently press the button, you can directly suck out the drink from the water dispenser through the straw.

Insert this product into the mouth of the matching beverage bottle, and lightly press it to turn any beverage container into an easy-to-use water dispenser to prevent beverage overflow, dripping and waste.

Pull the trigger near the water outlet, you can work, no need to dump from the bulky bottle, easy and convenient, children can also do it by themselves, especially suitable for children and the elderly.

This water dispenser is made of ABS+PP+silicone material, which is safe and non-toxic, and can be used for a long time.